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Are you new to Creo Parametric or computer aided design (CAD)? Do you struggle with understanding why Creo works the way that it does? If so, then this book is for you.


This book explains the core concept of Design Intent, the driving philosophy behind the design of part and assembly models in Creo Parametric. Design Intent recognizes that the initial design phase is only a small part of the lifecycle of a product; we spend more of our time modifying and updating our models. Therefore, we want to build additional information and intelligence into our models, so that when we make changes, those changes are propagated and our models update in ways that we plan for and expect.


By understanding Design Intent, you will be able to build models that are truly parametric, robust, and flexible. Furthermore, you will experience less frustration

After explaining the need for Design Intent, this book shows you how to build Design Intent at the following levels:

  • Sketches

  • Parts

  • Assemblies


Note: this is not an “Introduction to Creo Parametric” or a “picks and clicks” book. It’s the book you read after your introduction to Creo Parametric, to understand how to think about design in Creo Parametric to make the right choices.

This book provides Creo Parametric engineers, designers, and managers with a comprehensive guide to implementing Top Down Design.


This design methodology builds Design Intent into complex products by providing teams with the ability to control geometry, parameters, and interrelationships between components and your top-level assembly. By implementing Top Down Design properly, you can find the optimum balance between control, creativity, and speed, in order to design complex products faster, and react to changes quickly and easily.


This book provides users with the skills to create and manage the following Top Down Design tools:

  • Product Structure

  • Skeletons

  • Data Sharing Features

  • Notebooks

In addition, it covers Management Tools including:

  • Model and Creo Session settings

  • The Reference Viewer

  • Configuration Options

Finally, it addresses the Human Element that must be addressed for a successful implementation of Top Down Design.

Updated for Creo Parametric 4.0! This edition includes additional information on:

  • Creo 4.0 enhancements including Mini Toolbars and Hotkeys

  • Sheetmetal

  • The Notification Center

  • Sketcher Preferences

  • Materials and Appearances

  • Drawing Tables

  • Hole Charts

Only $2.99 / free on Kindle Unlimited!

Configuring Creo Parametric 3.0 includes the following topics:

  • Configuration Options

  • Session settings

  • User Interface

  • Model Tree

  • Mapkeys

  • Drawings

Only $2.99 / free on Kindle Unlimited!

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